Completed Projects

Facilities Repair and Renewal Marine Corps Reserve Centers (MCRC)

The Facilities Repair and Renewal Marine Corps Reserve Center (MCRC) project was a design/build project for work at Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM) and Yakima MCRCs. This project entailed multiple line items, each with its own defined scope of work. In many ways, the MCRC project was like many smaller projects combined into one large contract. Not only were there multiple scopes of work, but also multiple locations for the work.

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Modernize Non-Destructive Test (NDT) Facility, Puget Sound

The project provides x-ray shielding, air conditioning, and stairway repairs at a Non Destructive Testing Lab Facility in the Puget Sound. The project provided shielding to maintain radiation levels outside each individual Permanent Radiography Installation (PRI) to allow each PRI to operate as an independent radiographic facility.

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Repair Railroad Bridges at Various Locations

This design/build project involves the maintenance and repair of several railroad bridges located in Kitsap County.

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Replace Aging Gas & Water Mains

This design/build project replaced approximately 8200 linear feet of aging six-inch asbestos-cement pipe with new eight-inch ductile iron pipe at various locations within a residential neighborhood.   WA Patriot constructed a new water main independent of the existing so that water service was not interrupted to housing residents except during connection.  The existing water main was abandoned in place.  

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Remodel Existing Facility / Demo Bldg. for Parking

This project consists of work on two buildings. One facility is a historic 24,000 sf three-story building originally built in 1943 and used as a medical facility. The building is being completely remodeled and will house educational space, administrative operations, career counselors, and voting assistance representatives.

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Seismic & Fire Alarm Upgrades

This project consists of seismic and fire alarm upgrades to a 5-story steel and concrete building constructed in 1981. The facility has undergone multiple remodels over the years without updating the HVAC systems servicing these areas, and has out-of-date HAVAC and fire protection systems that require upgrades and reconfiguration to improve performance.

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Life Safety Upgrades

The basis for this project is to repair deficiencies related to life safety and egress at an existing hospital in the Puget Sound area. Life Safety upgrades include the installation of approved firestop and smoke barrier systems to restore the integrity of existing fire and smoke barrier walls.

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Harbor Greens Market

This project consists of landlord improvements for the future Harbor Greens Market in University Place.

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Remodel Interior and Upgrade Fire Alarm System

This project involves renovations to an existing medical clinic. The scope of work include replacing worn out systems and components and reconfiguring spaces to meet the currents needs of the building's 1st, 2nd, and 3rd floor. All work is being performed while the facility is occupied and remains fully operational.

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Install Elevator & Remodel Facility

This project includes installing an elevator (new) and remodeling office areas of an existing structure.

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Modernize Security Operations Center

This project includes upgrades/modernization of the security operations center at a Puget Sound area hospital to include state of the art security monitoring equipment and reconfiguration of space.

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Replace Boilers and Associated Equipment

This project consists of replacing the originally installed 30 year old boiler equipment with more efficient and modern equipment to service a Hospital in the Puget Sound area.

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Design/Build Repair Sports Fields

This is a Design/Build project to replace the existing grass covered sports fields with synthetic turf for both the multipurpose (soccer/football) and softball fields, and provide a synthetic (shock absorbing, rubberized) surface for the existing jogging and running trail.

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Design/Build Repaving Project

This is a Design/Build repaving project including aproximately 10,100 square yards of existing asphalt and concrete surfaces to be demolished and replaced.

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Washington Patriot Construction - Current Projects

Design/Build Passive Vehicle Barrier System

The scope of work for this project involves the design and construction of a Passive Vehicle Barrier (PVB) system to provide a continuous passive barrier along a fence perimeter that is approximately two miles in length.

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Design and Install Arresting Gears

This project consists of the design and installation of a retractable hook support arresting gear system to replace the existing arresting gear on two airport runways in the Puget Sound region.

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Olympia Country & Golf Club, Phase II - Clubhouse

Phase II of this design/build project includes construction of a 4,500 sf, single story clubhouse facility at the Olympia Country & Golf Club.

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Overhaul Three Diesel Engine Generators

This project consists of the 30-year maintenance and overhaul of 3 existing medium voltage emergency power generators.

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Design/Build Residence/Dormitory Heat Pump System and Facility Renovation

This project involves the design and installation of ground source heat pumps and architectural renovations in residence/dormitory facilities. The ground source heat pumps are part of energy conservation initiatives to produce energy savings for the building.

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Southeast corner

Pierce County Skills Center, Phase III

This is a design-build project to design and construct a new 26,275 square foot skill center facility for Bethel School District.

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